1. An Introduction to the Project
1.1: Objectives
1.2: Five Clusters
1.3: Project Partners

1. An Introduction to the Project
1.1 Objectives
The objectives of the project Concerted Action on Offshore Wind Energy in Europe [CA-OWEE] are to define the current state of the art of offshore wind energy in Europe through gathering and evaluation of information from across Europe and to disseminate the resulting knowledge to all interested, in order to help stimulate the development of the industry. The project is being funded by the European Commission and will be completed at the end of this year (2001). The knowledge gathered will be freely available through an internet site, www.offshorewindenergy.org, at the EWEA special topic conference on Offshore Wind Energy in Brussels (10th -12th December 2001), and a printed report.

1.2 Five Clusters
This project divides offshore wind energy into five clusters of subjects and reviews the recent history and summarise the current state of affairs, relating to:

Cluster 1 offshore technology, of the wind turbines and the support structures,
Cluster 2 grid integration, energy supply and financing,
Cluster 3 resources and economics,
Cluster 4 activities and prospects,
Cluster 5 social acceptance, environmental impact & politics.

The conclusions from these surveys are then used to develop recommendations for the future RTD strategy for Europe.

1.3 Project Partners
The project's 17 partners come from 13 countries, thus covering the majority of the European Community's coastline. The partners cover a wide range of expertise and include developers, utilities, consultants, research institutes and universities:

- Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
- Garrad Hassan & Partners, United Kingdom
- Kvaerner Oil & Gas, United Kingdom
- Energi & Miljoe Undersoegelser (EMU), Denmark
- Ris? National Laboratory, Denmark
- Tractebel Energy Engineering, Belgium
- CIEMAT, Spain
- CRES, Greece
- Deutsches Windenergie-Institut (DEWI), Germany
- Germanischer Lloyd, Germany
- ECN, The Netherlands
- Espace Eolien Developpement (EED), France
- ENEA, Italy
- University College Cork, Ireland
- Vindkompaniet i Hemse AB, Sweden
- VTT, Finland
- Baltic Energy Conservation Agency (BAPE), Poland
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