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Concerted action for offshore wind energy deployment (COD)
Concerted action for offshore wind energy deployment

The objective of the COD group is to speed up offshore wind energy deployment in the European Union by early identification and possibly removing non-technical barriers: legal, administrative, policy, environmental and electrical infrastructure issues. COD aims to provide a harmonised European process for deployment, environmental impact analysis, permission procedures and grid integration for Offshore Wind Energy Farms.

The COD organisation
COD is steered by a Ministerial Committee, with members from the Energy Ministries of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Chairman is Michel Verhagen (Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs).
The COD work is carried out by a Working Group, coordinated by Ruud de Bruijne (SenterNovem). Assistance is provided both to the Ministerial Committee and to the Working Group by an Advisory Board with representatives from industry and NGOs.

How does COD work?
The COD Working Group gathers all available information on:
Environmental Impact
Legal Issues
Grid Integration

COD will analyse the information and uses it for overviews and guidelines:
Overview Environmental Impact
EU Policy Workshop: Development of Offshore windenergy
COD presentation EWEC 2004

Energy Agencies of the memberstates can have access to meetings and internal documents. Interested? Please contact Ruud de Bruijne (see below)

More information
Please contact:
Ruud de Bruijne
Telephone: +31 30 2393419
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