Project description.

The objective is to speed up the responsible deployment of offshore wind energy in the EU by early identification and possibly removing non-technical barriers: legal, administrative, policy, environmental and grid infrastructure planning issues, by co-ordination between energy agencies of most sea-bordering member states of the EC. Of these, 8 countries (NL, DK, UK, DE, SE, PO, BE and IRE) representing >90% of the technical Offshore potential in the EU are contractors. The other 6 sea-bound countries (FI, FR, ES, PO, IT, GR) will be approached to have full access to working group meetings, the private part of the web-site, and draft and final documents. COD will interact with NGO's such as EWEA, Seas-at-Risk, through a Advisory Board. The information will be fed into governmental decision-makers. Innovative is the non-technical trans-national co-ordination so early in the development of a renewable energy resource. The participants involved ensure high-profile project dissemination, creating a focal point for information, better understanding and more harmonised European processes for deployment, environmental impact analysis and permission procedures for Offshore Wind Energy Farms, and improved EU industry competitiveness.

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