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* Cost Benefit Analysis of Government Support Options for Offshore Wind Energy
* Proposed UK Offshore Renewable Energy Installations (OREI) - Guidance on Navigational Safety Issues
* Standards for Environmental Impact Assessments of Offshore Wind Turbines in the Marine Environment
* Strategy of the German Government on the use of offshore wind energy
* Wind Energy and Aviation Interests; Interim Guidelines
* An assessment of the environmental effects of offshore windfarms
* Guidance note for EIA in respect of FEPA and CPA for Offshore Wind Farms
* - Prospects for offshore wind energy
* - Wind Force 12 (2003)
* - Offshore wind energy - Ready to power a sustainable Europe
* - Wind Force 12 (2004)
* Bruijne, Ruud de Concerted action for the deployment of offshore wind energy - COD
* Camp, T.R. Design methods for offshore wind turbines at exposed sites
* Cheng, Po Wen A reliability based design methodology for extreme responses of offshore wind turbines
* Christensen, T.K. Status report of seabird surveys at Horns Rev, 2000-2001
* Cockerill, T.T. Opti-OWECS Vol. 5 - User guide OWECS cost model
* Cockerill, T.T. Opti-OWECS Vol. 3 - Comparison of cost of offshore wind energy at European sites
* COD - project COD - database environment Juli 2005
* Cooper, Bill Potential effects of offshore wind developments on coastal processes
* Cranswick, Peter Aerial Surveys of Birds in Proposed Areas for Offshore Windfarm Development; preliminary report
* Desholm, Mark Base-line investigation of Birds in relation to an offshore wind farm at Rodsand, 2002
* Duffin, A. Sea Wind East - How offshore wind in East Anglia could supply a quarter of UK electricity needs
* EU policy workshop Declaration - EU policy workshop: Development of offshore wind energy
* EWEA Wind energy - The facts
* Exo, Klaus-Michael Birds and offshore wind farms: a hot topic in marine ecology
* Ferguson, M.C. Opti-OWECS Vol. 4 - A typical design solution for an offshore wind energy conversion system
* Garrad Hassan and partners Sea Wind Europe
* Gill, Andrew B., Taylor, Helen The potential effects of EM fields generated by cabling between offshore wind turbines upon Elasmobr
* Hammond, P.S. Background Information on Marine Mammals relevant to SEA2
* Kühn, M. Opti-OWECS Vol. 0 - Structural and economic optimisation of bottom-mounted offshore wind energy conv
* Kühn, M. Opti-OWECS Vol. 2 - Methods assisting the design of offshore wind energy conversion systems
* Kühn, M. Opti-OWECS Vol. 1 - Integrated design methodology for offshore wind energy conversion systems
* Köppel, Johann Naturschutzfachlichen Kriterien zur Abgrenzung besonderen Eignungsgebieten für Offshore Windparks
* Langston, R.H.W. Windfarms and Birds: An analysis of the effects of windfarms on birds, guidance on environmental ass
* Lidell, Hans Utgrunden offshore wind farm - measurements of underwater noise
* Percival, S.M. Assessment of the effects of offshore wind farms on birds
* Runge, Karsten Methodik der Landschaftsbildanalyse bei der Planung von Offshore Windparks
* Söker, Holger Offshore wind energy in the North Sea - Technical possibilities and ecological considerations
* The NL Ministry of Ec. affairs Background document - Policy workshop: Development of offshore wind energy in Europe
* Veldkamp, H.F. Chances in Wind Energy - A probabilistic approach to wind turbine fatigue design
* Verhoef, J.P. Offshore Wind Energy and Noise Monitoring
* Wolf, M.J. Feasibility study on floating offshore windenergy in shallow water
* Zaaijer, Michiel B. Offshore wind energy - International developments

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