The EUROS Project Wind farm design optimisation in a nutshell

This project evaluates what happens if we add up all the uncertainties that are involved in an offshore wind farm.

Project 2 addresses uncertainties in loading and damage of the towers and foundations. These uncertainties are affected by uncertainties in the site conditions, such as wind and waves, which are addressed in project 1. These two projects show that uncertainties in the site conditions propagate into uncertainties in the loading. In addition, these projects show that the models that are used in the analysis add further uncertainty, because they are not perfect.

An offshore wind farm consists of many components, which need to be manufactured, installed and maintained. Each of these components and steps in the installation and maintenance procedures lead to uncertainties in models and propagation of fundamental uncertainties. There is also uncertainty in the electricity production of the wind farm, because we do not predict exactly how the wind is going to behave and we need to use several models to predict how much wind energy can be converted into electricity.

This project researches uncertainty of logistics for installation and maintenance. Adding information from literature and results from project 1 and 2, this project assesses the total uncertainty and risks in an offshore wind farm.