Public Seminar

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Parallel to the Offshore Energy Event 2017 in Amsterdam RAI, EUROS organized a public seminar (free after registration). Researchers and industry partners presented their ongoing research and vision on their respective research topics.

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We here give the Seminar’s program, with links to the related work packages and available presentation slides:

  • 08:00–09:00 Welcoming coffee
  • 09:00–09:15 Welcome by EUROS and NWO-TTW
  • 09:15–09:45 Introduction to EUROS (slides), by Simon Watson (TU Delft, Programme coordinator)
  • 09:45–10:45 Project 1: External conditions, introduced by Barry Koren (TU/e, Project 1 coordinator)

    • Peter Kalverla (WUR, WP1.1) and Ine Wijnant (KNMI)
      On the development and application of weather models for wind energy (slides: part 1, part 2)
    • René Beltman (TU/e, WP1.4) en Akshay Koodly Ravishankara (ECN)
      Incompressible Navier-Stokes methods for wind-energy applications (slides: part 1, part 2)
  • 10:45–11:15 Refreshment break
  • 11:15–12:00 Project 1: External Conditions, continued
    • Anne Eggels (CWI, WP1.3), Reinder Ronda (KNMI, WP1.2) and Sofia Caires (Deltares)
      Wind and wave forecasting for the southern North Sea basin (slides: part 1, part 3)
  • 12:00–13:00 Lunch
  • 13:00–14:30 Project 2: Loads and damage, introduced by Andrei Metrikine (TU Delft, Project 2 coordinator)

    • Dominik Fallais (TU Delft, WP2.1) and Wybren de Vries (ENECO);
      Fatigue damage monitoring for offshore wind turbine support structures
    • Peter Meijers (TU Delft, WP2.2) and Cornelis van ‘t Hof (IHC)
      Installation of Large-Diameter Monopiles: current practice and challenges (slides: part 1, part 2)
    • Richard Dekker (TU Delft, WP2.3) and Sjoerd Hengeveld (TNO)
      Fatigue crack growth under mixed-mode variable amplitude loading
  • 14:30–15:00 Refreshment break
  • 15:00–16:00 Project 2: Loads and damage, continued
    • Tim Raaijmakers (TU Delft, WP2.4) and Irene Tönis (van Oord)
      Scour mitigation strategies for wind turbine foundations in morphodynamic seabeds
    • Laurent van den Bos (CWI, WP2.5) and Lindert Blonk (DNV GL)
      Mixed Uncertainty Quantification applied to wind turbine loading (slides: part 1, part 2)
  • 16:00–17:00 Project 3: Uncertainty in wind farm optimization, introduced by Michiel Zaaijer (TU Delft, Project 3 coordinator)

    • Erik Quaeghebeur (TU Delft, WP3.2) and Sjoerd van der Putten (TNO)
      Enhancing data sets for accelerated wind energy development (slides: part 1, part 2)
    • George Leontaris (TU Delft, WP3.1) and Ashish Dewan (ECN)
      Decision support for OWFs installation process including the risk of supply disruptions (slides)
  • 17:00–17:30 User Meeting (for EUROS partners only)
  • 17:00–… Networking reception