1. Introduction
2. History and Plans

1. Introduction
The purpose of the Offshore Wind Energy website www.offshorewindenergy.org is to be a general source of information and knowledge to existing and new professionals working in the field of offshore wind energy.

Apart from the expert guides, which provide an Introduction to Subjects in this field, the site also wishes to be an up-to-date and convenient source for the latest information on offshore wind energy. We hope to do this in five ways:

(i) by providing a list of events of interest; the date, location and brief description of the events plus dates for abstract submission
(ii) by providing news about the latest research activities in offshore wind energy
(iii) by providing a database with documents
(iv) by providing up-to-date information about existing windfarms and windfarms under construction.
(v) by using the website as a portal for research projects

The Complete Concerted Action reports continue to be available on this website; they are accessible via the item 'projects' on the main menu bar at the top of the page.

The website is managed by TU-Delft with contributions of Paul Vermeulen Consultancy.

2. History and Plans
The website started out as the dissemination website for the Concerted Action on Offshore Wind Energy in Europe [CA-OWEE] project. This project was finished at the end of 2001 and received funding from NOVEM to develop the site further and operate it until the end of 2003. Now, the website operates independently.