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WINDSKILL European wind energy skills network - A European project with 5 formal partners and 4 advisory partners, aiming to set up a skills network, deliver a European industry qualification standard for operational skills and boost the skills capital of the wind energy sector.

INNWIND Innovation in wind energy - The Dutch research companies ECN, WMC and TUDelft join forces to create the necessary knowledge and tools to design the large wind turbines of the future, specially for offshore application.

UPWIND UPWIND - A European project with 38 participants looking towards the wind power of tomorrow, more precisely towards the design of very large wind turbines (8-10MW), both onshore and offshore.

WE@SEA Wind Energy at Sea - Consortium and program of more than 30 Dutch partners to develop a structural basis for long-term business development in the Netherlands, for the purpose of preparing, designing, constructing, operating, maintaining and, in due course, dismantling offshore wind power plants.

POWER Pushing offshore wind energy regions - This project unites North Sea regions with an interest in supporting and realising the economic and technological potentials of offshore wind energy. The project assesses environmental and planning as well as acceptance issues of offshore wind farms, supports the development of a reliable supply chain for the sector, and elaborates skills development measures. 37 organisations take part, with representatives from Germany, the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium.

DOWNVIND Distant Offshore Windfarms with No Visual Impact iN Deepwater - The project objective is to make the step change advances in techniques, technologies and processes needed to enable development of large capacity windfarms offshore in deepwater.

DOWEC Dutch Offshore Wind Energy Converter - A cooperation between 6 Dutch partners to perform both fundamental scientific and industrial development tasks, aiming at the development of a 6 MW offshore wind turbine.

COD Concerted action for Offshore wind energy Deployment - Project to speed up the responsible deployment of offshore wind energy in the EU by early identification and possibly removing non-technical barriers: legal, administrative, policy, environmental and infrastructure issues, by co-ordination between energy agencies of most sea-bordering member states of the EC.

CA-OWEE Concerted Action on Offshore Wind Energy in Europe - Europe-wide information gathering initiative, undertaken 1999-2001 by 17 organisations from 13 countries active in offshore wind energy. The results, in the form of a report, are available at this website. The work was funded by the European Commision.


This website intends to provide information on different projects concerning Offshore windenergy.